What we're about *Play the youtube video at the bottom*

This site has been created with the hopes that we can get people all around the world to contribute in an effort to find peace. We believe in non-violence actions and expression. We will hold contests and later on (when the site is more progressed) events around the city of New York (later it will spread). We want more people to be aware of the effects of war and how we can help stop it. Here we believe that one person can make a difference because all one persons form millions

This is not a sponsored group, its just a bunch of interested people trying to spread their beliefs and hopefully make a difference. WE ARE VERY NEW SO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!! Promote by sharing the link

When entering in contests and events you MUST email
peacefinder09@yahoo.com with your submission. 
Also any ideas you have email them  as well. DONT BE SHY.